The Politics of an Election Party

Miss Manners tells us never to discuss religion or politics in polite company. But when election season rolls around, often the raison d’ a party’s etre is that very taboo of topics. It can be great to get into healthy debates with pals, the key word here being healthy. If you’re watching the election tomorrow with a group, here are… Read More »

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Baring it All…

by Stephanie Daga  It’s the catchy phrase being used everywhere … even Barack Obama recently remarked how the beautiful first lady was entitled to it.  Madonna has it, Kelly Ripa has it, and that girl at your gym who does biceps curls for days on end has it as well … “the right to… Read More »

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She Does The Inauguration

Amidst a flurry of bongo drumming, schoolboy catcalls, old lady smiles, and uproarious chanting, Torontonians watched Barack Obama take the oath of office at Bloor Cinema this morning. Infectious energy and inspiration filled the place to the rafters, as people of all ages, colours, and countries of origin crammed into the theatre. Organizers attempted to… Read More »

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