52nd annual Grammys; the Fashion Awards

-Zoe Shapiro  When the musical dust has settled and the awards have all been handed out (poor, deserving MGMT, huh?) FASHION is left… We at SheDoesTheCity felt the need to recognize and ridicule on a separate sartorial scale (which Ms. Swift might appreciate given her pitchy snooze of a performance; where’s Kanye when you need… Read More »

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This Is Halloween!

Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but everyone gets stumped for ideas from time to time. We love this magical time of year, so we’ve got some extra costume ideas we’re throwing out there for those in need. Here are some easy get-ups to inspire you for Halloween 2009. SINGLES: The Lazy Susan You’ll need:… Read More »

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Oscar Fashion

by Olga BarskyThe masses agree that this year’s Academy Awards were the most entertaining broadcast of the award show to date. And I have to concur. From Sarah Jessica Parker’s perky robo tits to a strung out Jen Aniston presenting in front of the holy twosome, and Beyonce belting out At Last again (somewhere Etta… Read More »

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Nightclub Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through LA Every creature was blurring the words that they say; The stockings were pleather and the cleavage was bare, In hopes that Robert Pattinson might just be there. The girls were all decked out and far from their beds, Ativan-induced visions bounce ‘round in their heads Of… Read More »

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