Leonard Cohen: In Person and on the Airwaves

Leonard Cohen‘s reputation for combining melancholy, eroticism, longevity, spirituality, hipness and poetry has earned him an unparalleled collection of nicknames: the Lord Byron of Rock and Roll, Master Of Romantic Despair, Grizzled Prophet, and Apocalyptic Lounge Lizard, to name a few. (Find more here.) Montreal’s most enduring hipster (my addition to the fray) will play… Read More »

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Aesop, the coveted Melbourne unisex body care line, finally lands in Toronto at Oliver Spencer

The first thing you notice approaching the Aesop display in Oliver Spencer (962 Queen St. W.) is the scent floating in the air—fresh, natural, intriguing, lovely. The second thing you notice is the unique packaging of the body care line, arrayed across a heavy wooden table. The scents derive from plant-based formulas that combine natural… Read More »

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