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An imperfect life guide for women


Kill Joy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

Listen to this: “Each Hallowe’en radical evangelical groups all over the USA and Canada build hell houses. Beginning in the 70’s, these performer-animated installations showcase a gruesome retribution for the sins of fornication, abortion, suicide, occultism, and— of course—same-sex relationships. This Hallowe’en Toronto artist Allyson Mitchell reclaims this hellish scenario with her crowd-sourced, lesbian-feminist, queer-fear-fighting… Read More »

The Queen of Queer Porn: an interview with Courtney Trouble

Each year, as spring gently glides in on a light rainstorm and libidos and flowers begin to bloom, Toronto hosts the sexiest, raunchiest, and sluttiest event that attracts whores, sex nerds,  queeros, and porn stars alike. This year, the 8th annual Feminist Porn Awards will be no exception. In town from the States for this salacious… Read More »

Sex, gender and sexuality for beginners

It was sometime in the ’90s that Ru Paul said it best: “You are born naked, everything else is drag.” Contrary to what some of us may believe, sex, gender, and sexuality are not inherently linked together. Some, well maybe all, of these “categories” are social constructs (I think that’s what Madame Ru was getting… Read More »