Weekend Wear

by Britt Stevens  Going out on a Friday night has always been one tradition that I look most forward to in my hectic week. I love nothing more than putting on a fabulous new outfit and hitting the town with my girlfriends. I blast the music, mix a cocktail, and have a dance party while… Read More »

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Alexander McQueen Dead at 40

We hate do be bearers of bad news. Fashion design legend Alexander McQueen was found dead today in his London apartment. More information on his death is currently unavailable out of respect to his family.

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What Goes Around Comes Back Around

By Kayla Soriano Fashion waits for no one. But it seems we are always waiting for it. We hold on to those expensive sunglasses or jeans and hope that when they go out of style, they will soon make their way back onto the fashion scene (while we can still fit in them). This summer… Read More »

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