Shedoesthecity partnered with L'Oreal Hairdressers Against Aids and worked with hairdressing students to help spread awareness

Last week, for World Aids Day, Shedoesthecity spent time at the L’Oreal Academy for a L’Oreal Hairdressers against AIDS event that paired local bloggers with local hairdressing students to talk about AIDS prevention and how we, as young Canadians, can help spread awareness. It came as a shock to discover that the number of HIV+… Read More »

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L'Oreal hairdressers worldwide partner with Unesco to raise awareness for World Aids Day on Dec 1st.

For World Aids Day, this Thursday Dec 1, Shedoesthecity will partner with L’Oreal for a special event at Toronto’s L’Oreal Academy that will bring together students and local bloggers to talk about issues surrounding AIDS. Together we will create a video that will help further promote AIDS prevention and engage our respective readers, or you,… Read More »

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Greta Constantine SS 2012 show at Century Room mixes uptown with downtown into one androgynous & raw Greta Woman

The Century Room stairwell that is shared with Quad West spinning studio reeked of sweat and sticky gin, but that did not deter hundreds of Toronto’s outrageously heeled fashion crowd from attending the Greta Constantine SS 2012 show. Suzanne Rogers, hair pouffed in a giant bouffant, sat front row across from pixie-cut platinum blonde blogger Casie Stewart, while Queen… Read More »

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Ladies who do TIFF: Gail McInnes, founder of Magnet Creative, ends the fest with lotsa tequila at The Spoke Club and avoiding that guy

If we had to nominate a spokesperson in this town to promote local fashion, it would be a no-brainer to suggest Gail McInnes. The exuberant gal about town is always a comforting go-to when party chit-chat starts to get lame-o. Although Gail was seen throughout the ten days, here she fills us in on her… Read More »

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Maquillage au Printemps

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Eddie Maleterre, Official Makeup Artist for L’Oréal Paris, while pretending I was Garance Doré sitting in a beautiful café in Paris, sipping on a café au lait and musing over spring/summer 2009 make-up trends. Aside from being devastatingly charming with his classic French accent, Eddie is also… Read More »

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