by Radclyffe U. HallThere are two kinds of lesbians on Christmas. The first kind of lesbian likes to cuddle next to the fire, make gingerbread houses, exclusively listen to Christmas music on their eight-track and/or ipod, and volunteer at the Santa Clause Parade. The second kind of lesbian prefers to drink heavily, eat sushi, watch… Read More »

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Radcliffe tries to change the world Today I filed for bankruptcy. I never would have thought that I would be in the same boat as the Lehman Brothers, Circuit City, Nortel and GM. Unfortunately, the teller at the bank told me that I was ineligible as I had a savings account containing $600. How could… Read More »

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Free Angelina!

A manifesto dedicated to releasing the reluctant bisexual. by Radcliffe U. Hall Angelina Jolie, Pink and the chick that played Marcia Brady. All of these women have something in common. They are all non-practicing bisexuals. Or, more specifically, they are retired. I know people believe that sexuality is “fluid” but you have to draw the… Read More »

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Radcliffe defines love. by Radcliffe U. Hall The one thing you can’t do – besides commit murder and arson – is tell someone that they are not in love. No matter how delusional and ridiculous their relationship may be, you do not possess the right to delegate their feelings. For instance, back in high school,… Read More »

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by Radcliffe U. Hall REEL LOVIN’ Radcliffe tries to find a soul mate at the film festival but finds something greater…. I just have to throw something out there. I’m pretty famous. I get recognized a lot. Like, in the library, a girl with a badge and a blazer always comes over to me and… Read More »

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Labia Licker to Cock Wolf

NOTE:  Anonymous guest writer filling in while Radcliffe U Hall does Europe  Sexually frustrated as an immensely horny eighteen year old, it became quite obvious that the only solution to my hunger for orgasm was to wake up a friend from deep sleep by rolling on top of her leg and humping it until I… Read More »

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