Olga checks out the TIFF Bask-It-Style gifting suite and comes away with some amazing swag!

Baskets have never been this hot. Brainchild of public relations darling Jessica Glover, Bask-It-Style is celebrity gift-giving with a twist! In an attempt to bring a little normalcy to celebs’ grueling TIFF schedules, Bask-It-Style takes the time commitment out of gifting lounges, and instead, creates personalized gift bags filled with oodles of AMAZING goodies which… Read More »

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Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris opens June 3

This Friday, we will all head to North York for a taste of Paris. (Oh, you don’t believe that’s possible? DREAM BIG GIRL!) Opening at Sheppard Grande and International Village(where?), Woody Allen’s new flick, Midnight in Paris, which kicked off this year’s Cannes Film Festival, is a quirky rom-com set against the city we love… Read More »

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10 easy ways to greenify your life in 2011!

1. Make the switch to eco cleaning products. Not only are they super easy to find around the city, but they are often way cheaper and more efficient. You’ll also save your skin from gnarly rashes. Nature clean is a Toronto based brand of non toxic, hypoallergenic, products, and they have a killer all purpose cleaner… Read More »

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