I have always been naturally inclined to be the submissive one. I like being thrown down and spanked, and I get turned on when I’m given orders; the dirtier the better. In BDSM role playing, I have only ever been the sex slave. When my new boyfriend told me he was a switch, I was intrigued, but unsure of how I’d dominate him in a way that was convincing, arousing and pleasureful for both of us. Like with any new project, I began doing my research.

I brewed some tea and punched in “How to be a dominatrix” on Google. I read some blog posts, watched some rather uninspiring porn and carefully examined the traits and look of the legendary Bettie Page. The best piece of advice I read had to do with setting the scene: “Treat it like you would if you were planning a party. Make sure you have everything organized ahead of time.” I liked this Martha Stewart approach and began hunting down the perfect outfit for my character. Now, although my man is into latex, this seemed too expensive and was a bit more difficult to find, so I decided on a PVC bustier that crops under the tits and laces tightly from the back. I added thigh-high fishnet stockings, black heels, my black triangle necklace and MAC Russian Red lips. My PVC bustier came with a matching PVC thong but instead I wore black lace. Make the sex outfit your own, I say.

Once I had the get-up, I started working on my script. I needed a vocabulary that put me in charge. After a couple of rewrites, I practiced reading it out loud and memorizing my steps. Now, this may seem extreme, but I really wanted to stay in character and knew that I’d be more confident if I had a few rehearsals. If it doesn’t come naturally…then it’s kinda like acting.

We planned a special date night of sex and I felt ready to try my new role. I began the teasing in the late afternoon with a strict text. He caught on quickly.

“When you arrive, you are to do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Of course.”

“Good. When I’m home, I’ll text you further instructions.”

A few hours went by. I was dripping wet in anticipation and surprised at how aroused I was. Perhaps I was more inclined to this new role than I thought. I shot him a note.

“You are to text me when you are leaving. The front door will be unlocked. Upon arrival, remove you shoes and climb the staircase. Do you understand?”


“Walk down the hall and knock on the closed door. I will then let you in. You are to be quiet. I will tell you what to do.”

I nervously got into my outfit, dimmed the lights and silently rehearsed in my head what I would say. Even though I was the one dominating, in my catwoman-like outfit, I felt very vulnerable…especially since the outfit exposed my breasts. (I’m a novice in this role.)

Hearing him creak up the staircase, I got into my position in the corner of the room and took a few deep breaths. Then I heard the knock. “Come in,” I said sternly.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said.

“Stop talking and take off your clothes.”

He began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Your pants too. Take it all off and put them in that corner.”

He stood there naked. I slapped his face, lightly but purposefully. I put my hands around his neck, firmly grasping him to give him a tight little choke. I pinched his ear, drew his head in close and whispered, “Get on your fucking knees.” He obliged. I stared at him for a few seconds, moving his head around and rubbing it between my thighs. “Now open your mouth and show me your tongue.” He stuck out his tongue. I pressed it with my finger and gave his hair a tug.

Now lick my cunt.

His tongue pushed into me, and I pushed his head in further. The orders continued.

“Eat my fucking pussy. Deeper. I want to feel your tongue everywhere. Goooood. Now my clit. Faster.” He was mine and I used him the way I wanted.

I told him to stick his fingers in me and when he pulled them out, he was ordered to suck them. My wetness was all over his face; I felt it with my hand and rubbed it across his jaw.

I was finally feeling pretty confident as the boss when the switch happened. He whipped a blindfold around me and tossed me back on the bed. I was punished, badly. But that’s for next time.

~ Sadie Diamond

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