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How to Know When It’s Time to Quit Your Job

“I QUIT!” I’ve never said this out loud, although, I’ve often fantasized about setting my computer on fire and walking away from my desk with a six-pack of “I don’t give a fuck” apple cider. It’s over the top, I know, but in the nine-to-five agency setting, quitting and changing careers is something I’ve always… Read More »


The Weird and Wonderful World of the Professional Concierge

“I flew in some apple juice from California for one of our VIPs. If that apple juice makes them feel at home, I’ve done my job,” beamed Ronaldo Breton, chef concierge at the Hazelton and regional director of the concierge professional association, Les Clefs D’Or. His answer to every request? “Absolutely.”  Similarly, no request seems… Read More »


Entrepreneurial Moms: Lauren Baker, Owner of LAB Consignment

Lauren Baker is the owner of LAB Consignment, our favourite online destination for high-end, luxury consignment. Looking for a Burberry Quilted Spring Jacket? Take a gander. Her are her tips for new moms: Be honest with yourself. When Ellis was born in January 2013, I felt very torn between my new son and my other baby—i.e., my… Read More »