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QUIZ: Which Shakespeare Play Should You See in High Park?

The CanStage Shakespeare in High Park season opened last week, and we couldn’t be more excited about this double bill. If you’re planning on heading out to the park for some bardic fun this summer but can’t quiiiiite pick, we devised a fun quiz to help you! Your problem can also be solved by seeing… Read More »


10 Comedy Shows I’m Excited For At The Toronto Fringe

DID YOU KNOW: our very own Allana Reoch is a Canadian Comedy Award nominated comedian, freshly back from a hot trip to the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival. We thought we’d ask her to lend her expert opinion re: what comedy shows to check out at this year’s Toronto Fringe Fest, which kicks off WEDNESDAY! Take… Read More »


Shakespeare Bash’d Presents Love’s Labour’s Lost at Fringe

If you’re a Toronto theatre fan who has yet to check out Shakespeare Bash’d and their stripped-down, turnt up productions of the bard’s work, you’re missing out. The group’s productions are full of energy and presented in unlikely locations. This year, they’re returning to the top floor of the Victory Cafe with Love’s Labour’s Lost… Read More »


Queer Bathroom Stories at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

As a queer theorist, Sheila Cavanagh says it is her duty to explore the crude, the abject and the inappropriate. But bathrooms? Sex? Sex and bathrooms? Yup. The result of her research is a smash hit play that took the Toronto Fringe festival by storm a few summers ago. Queer Bathroom Stories was adapted from Sheila’s research, for… Read More »

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Unemployment Unanimous: A 12-Step Program for Millennials

For some time, the general population has been under the impression that Millennials have been groomed by society and our parental figures to expect to attain certain milestones in life at very specific times (get a job, get married, have a baby, go on vacations). The failure to achieve these goals in the expected timeline… Read More »


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