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My Ancestors, Seen From The Mirror

My Ancestors, Seen From The Mirror

Kate Werneburg: “Looking into the mirror, it came to me: we are what we always have been. Maybe even down generations. There’s a comfort and a terror in that.”

Circle Jerk

Circle Jerk: Sex. Death. Bananas.

Don’t forget to pencil in that Circle Jerk next week, presented by Soup Can Theatre, safeword, and Aim for the Tangent Theatre. The provocative new production features four short plays written under unique constraints. Last summer, people were invited to submit original snippets of dialogue that the participating playwrights would have to use as the opening and… Read More »

Macbeth - David Ross and Amelia Sargisson - Photo by Kyle Purcell

Shakespeare Bash’d Presents Macbeth at the Monarch Tavern

Just in time for the witching season (which, for the truly dedicated, lasts until December), Toronto theatre company Shakespeare Bash’d announces their latest production, Macbeth, staged in their stripped-down, performance-focused style at the Monarch Tavern. Of the production, artistic director James Wallis says, “It is a tragedy of the imagination, which is brought out further… Read More »

Julie Dumais Osbourne

The Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Julie Dumais Osborne on Freelance Life, Dog Walks, and an Exciting New Space

Bloor and Ossington is changing, fast. In the past two months the sleepy strip has seen the opening of a vegan bakery (duh), a few more espresso/juice bars, and most recently a brand-spanking new theatre space for Toronto institution the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre Company. Following their announcement in June, frenetic construction efforts put together… Read More »