Joe Mimran gets turned into a Barbie by Mattel

Quick, someone – ring the big bell, Joe Mimran is the FIRST Canadian to be turned into a Barbie!! Truthfully, she always needs more guys to play with anyway. If we were still rolling around on the floor playing Barbies, Joe Mimran would probably take on a Daddy Warbucks type character versus a competitive suitor… Read More »

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David Dixon Show; where Margaret Thatcher meets Malibu Barbie and we all get tipsy on Paris Hilton bubbly

It started with the ecstatic spokespeople from Mattel telling us how turning fifty really is FABULOUS! Shortly thereafter the giant screen displayed famous photo of young naked girl running away from bomb in Vietnam War. That disturbing iconic image was mixed in with photos of female legends from Margaret Thatcher to Jane Goodall to National… Read More »

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Happy Doll Day!!!

In Japan today, girls and families are arranging special celebratory dolls, or Hello Kitty, in shrine like patterns. The best room in the house is chosen to host the dolls for the day as a way of celebrating health, happiness and prosperity of girls. Doll day or not, we have Russian Dolls lining the window,… Read More »

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