Five things we love this Fall

Wedge boots – It’s about time fall boots became a little more practical. Last year we saw a lot of open-toed boots – are you kidding me? Open toes for the rainy fall is about relevant as sheep skin coats for the spring. But checking out some of the shoes on the shelves – we… Read More »

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The Art of Layering: Fall 2010 Inspiration from Vanessa Bruno makes us feel like Ali McGraw in Love Story

To me, ‘good’ layering can be loosely compared to ‘good’ art because both are difficult to define and mostly subjective. Don’t worry, I’m not about to play the role of the style authoritarian (not that anyone would let me) who dictates what you ‘must-have’ for fall or the meticulous ‘rules’ of fall layering or the… Read More »

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