I don’t hate Christmas music #blessed

It’s coming. Halloween and Thanskgiving decorations are things of the past,  the sales are getting more frantic, the advertising more sappy. There are rumours of snow squalls. Yep, sorry buddies, time to buy your cheap-ass, chalky-chocolate advent calendar and bust out the plastic mistletoe. The holidays are BACK: bells are jingling, winter is wonderlanding, and… Read More »

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Montréal en Lumière lights up late winter with fine dining, Quebec cheeses and Tony Bennett paintings

Shake off the Slanket and step away from Downton Abbey: there’s light at the end of the tunnel that is our interminable Montreal winter, and it’s pointing you to a pile of Quebec cheeses. Starting February 21, Montréal en Lumière will brighten the city with eleven days of shows, concerts and gourmet dining. The festival culminates… Read More »

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New York Playlist

New York is basically regarded as being the greatest city ever. It’s an easy thing to question, but then you do something like compile a chronological playlist of songs by New York City musicians (and a couple of transplants) over the past 50 years and realize; yeah, this city is pretty alright. ~ Caitlyn Holroyd

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