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PHOTOS: A Space Odyssey Young Offenders TIFF Party

Hello Hal, do you read me Hal? Fans of Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey were smitten to be at a near-sold-out theme party for the classic sci-fi flick. Young Offenders Collective and Young Lions Music Club presented intergalactic art installations and live musical performances from the likes of LCD Soundsystem’s… Read More »

TIFF Week One 2

TIFF Diary: Week One

Wednesday, Sept. 3: It’s the night before TIFF, and all through the house, a girl was massaging kale for a salad and wondering if bathing suit bottoms could be suitable underwear. I go the Spoke Club around 8:30 for the Young Canadian Filmmakers Party wearing a backpack that weighs more than most of the actresses… Read More »

TIFF Picks 2014

TIFF Picks 2014

September in Toronto means glorious TIFF is approaching, a.k.a. the only film festival where your chances of bumping into Bill Murray while drinking a pumpkin spice latte are at an all-time high. But aside from all the beautiful people, gift lounges and swanky parties soon to #OCCUPYTORONTO in the next few weeks, the Toronto Film… Read More »

Butter On The Latch

Butter On The Latch Is About Friendship, Folk Songs, and Sex

Got plans tonight? NOW YOU DO. Head to Camera (1026 Queen St. W), grab a glass of wine, and sit back as MDFF, The Seventh Art and cléo jointly present a screening of Josephine Decker’s Butter on the Latch. Inspired by a Bulgarian folk song, the film is a sinister folk tale set at a Balkan festival in the Mendocino woods.… Read More »