Casino Jack, directed by George Hickenlooper

Kevin Spacey is Jack Abramoff, the self-aggrandizing lobbyist who brings the spirit of Hollywood to Washington, D.C. Along with some shady partners-in-crime, Abramoff takes wheeling and dealing to the next level, involving politicians (including the Speaker of the House), Native reservations, Greek casino tycoons, and the mob.

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The Bang Bang Club, Directed by Steven Silver

The Bang Bang Club is an amazing film set in South Africa just before the fall of Apartheid. Newcomer Greg (Ryan Phillipe) joins a gang of photojournalists from a Johannesburg paper who take their lives into their hands when they enter the townships during violent altercations, to capture a true picture of what is happening… Read More »

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Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work In Theatres Now

“When I first showed Joan the final cut, it was just the two of us in her apartment with American grilled cheeses set before us.” One of the most hilarious, lasting, and least understood figures in pop culture, Joan Rivers’ media persona is so expertly crafted that few have thought to delve below the surface.… Read More »

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Eat, Pray, Love: Inspiring or Indulgent?

by Zoe Shapiro The filmic version of Eat, Pray, Love opens this week. If nothing else, the cinematic world tour and the return of Julia Roberts to starring roles might convince me to buy a ticket (she’s America’s Sweetheart for gosh sakes!). The compulsive that I am, this means first reading the book that I’ve… Read More »

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The Kids Are All Right opens this weekend in Toronto – a dysfunctional family romantic comedy flick. Dig it?

Whereas Director Todd Solondz takes dysfunction, like, six notches further with films like Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness – and something like Meet The Fockers turns turbulent family dynamics into a full-blown comedy, The Kids Are All Right strikes a balance between drama, shock value, squirm and sap. It’s an enjoyable emotional ride with… Read More »

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