Summer Must Haves (Day)

by Caitlyn Holroyd Hot – HOT – HAWWT! It’s time to get almost naked and run to the water. Toronto Island, Grandma’s cottage, that motel in the Kawartha’s or Scadding Court Pool. We don’t care – just get us in the water. Some items to have you looking like a Riviera beach babe from a… Read More »

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Trench coats show the rain who's boss

With warm, happy weather it’s finally time to put those parkas away. Until it starts to rain again, that is. We all know how the saying goes and until May flowers start to bloom it’s best to hide from the rain in one of the many trench coat designs that are ubiquitous this spring.

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Last Minute Valentines Ideas

For all those procrastinators out there, Valentines Day is looming mere days away. This means all the good corsets in the right sizes are sold out. So for all of you still scrambling to find the perfect little something for that Hallmark day, we’ve compiled some ideas for the last minute girl. For those still… Read More »

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