Talking Kanye, Culture, and Kickstarter With The Women Behind My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine

Fariha Roisin, Haley Mlotek, and Sarah McCulloch are “three freelance writers living in Toronto who have a lot of feelings about Kanye West.” These feelings led to fandom, and that fandom has now led to an ambitious fanzine project, the Kickstarter for which wraps up TOMORROW. We chatted with these talented women about attitude, “Givenchy… Read More »

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine NEEDS YOU!

We all have our own nuanced and complicated feelings towards Kanye West, and nobody can take that away from us. That’s why three enterprising Kanye fans have taken it upon themselves to craft a zine that finally gives the cultural dialogue the collective voice it deserves: 128 pages parsing the influence of Yeezy. The zine,… Read More »

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Varsity: A Playlist

Songs to get you in the spirit of school (or at least remind you that it isn’t/wasn’t all bad). Smith Westerns “Varsity” Phoenix Feat. R. Kelly “Trying To Be Cool (Remix)” Kanye West “School Spirit” Daft Punk Feat. Julian Casablancas “Instant Crush” Vampire Weekend “Campus” Girls “Lust For Life” Animal Collective “Brother Sport” Paul Simon… Read More »

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Summer Jams ’13: A Playlist

From pool parties to backyard BBQs, these are the jams we’ll be listening to all summer. Kanye West Feat. Charlie Wilson “Bound 2” Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools (Drank)” Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith “Juicy Insane” Miguel “Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)” Ginuwine “Pony (Viceroy ‘Jet Life’ Remix)” R. Kelly “Ignition (Remix)” Daft Punk “Get Lucky… Read More »

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“I Can’t Believe You Texted Me That,” and Other Modern Qualms

Everybody knows you don’t text message break up, but in this age of heightened connectivity, the rules that guide what is appropriately communicated via electronic device—and what isn’t—are rapidly shifting. Pioneers like Kanye West push us towards new, flaccid-penis boundaries of acceptability, and it can feel almost impossible to keep up with what warrants a tweet, what… Read More »

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