Rebecca Shrimpton

What is it? My Tolani Animal Print Leopard Scarf. When/Where did you get it? I got it online last summer as a gift to myself from Why do you love it? It’s oversized and I can wear it a million different ways: Scarf, wrap, sarong, cover-up… If you lost it you would…? Host a… Read More »

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Zey Lynn

Where do you live: Turkey What do you do: I’m a student Favourite places to shop: I usually buy my jeans from Turkey’s famous jeans brand, Mavi. Other favourites are Zara, Mango, Bershka. Music you can’t stop listening to: I can listen non-stop to ’60’s music. Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Jefferson Airplane. Perfect… Read More »

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Eugenia Rosenblun-Bourdieu

What is it? white tops…any and every kind, tshirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, blouses, tanks etc When/Where did you get it? I love getting them in multi-packs and preferably as cheap as possible. I’m always buying them and wear them with everything. Wal-mart, Zellers are good for 3 packs of tees and beaters. Obviously, American… Read More »

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What is it? Leather Leather Leather Jacket. When/Where did you get it? I have a severe addiction to thrifting. All my clothes as well as jackets come from secondhand or thrift shops. Why do you love it? Shiny.Smooth.Black. No matter what Im wearing out pull on one of my leather jackets and POOF instant badness.… Read More »

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What is it? A pair of Oxford shoes.  When/Where did you get it? I purchased the shoes this fall at ALDO. It was love at first try.  Why do you love it? Because these “boots” are made for walking! They’re a three-inch heel and so comfortable!  I’ve danced for hours in them. Also, the style… Read More »

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wild child with penchant for school, travel, and being in love What is it? My favourite red purse from Te Koop on Queen Street West. When/where did you get it? I got it from my mom last year when I finished my exams as a gift for stressing so much and trying to get good… Read More »

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