4 Kale Recipes for the Contemporary Badass

Health is terrifying. The amount of work that being healthy involves makes me want to crawl underneath a pile of jolly ranchers and slowly suffocate to death, especially now that being healthy involves taking multiple pictures of myself pre-and post workout, as well as documenting every single thing I put into my body on Instagram,… Read More »

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The Ultimate Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa salads are a life saver for those eating gluten free!!! When I first had to make the switch to eating gluten free, one of the biggest challenges was lunch.  I was used to eating a sandwich, and all of a sudden sandwiches were not so appetizing.  The cardboard bread just wasn’t doing it for… Read More »

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Recipe: Roasted Vegetables

One of my favourite recipes for a big get together is roasted vegetables,  partly because they’re so darn easy, but also because they’re so darn delicious!  With Easter around the corner, here’s my simple roasted vegetable recipe that is a great side dish for Easter dinner this weekend. For some more tips on keeping your… Read More »

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In Mandy’s Pantry: Cacao Nibs

If you’ve tried my Chocolate Banana Green Smoothie, you likely saw an ingredient in it that might not be familiar to you.  Raw cacao nibs!  I absolutely LOVE to use these in various recipes, as you get all the benefits of dark chocolate in its purest form.  I am pretty sure that after this post you’ll… Read More »

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The Kits Kale Salad Recipe

I had an absolutely wonderful time visiting Vancouver this weekend!  I mean, when the view is this nice, how could it be a bad trip?  I had only two short days to see a group of friends from university and my BC hometown, so we made a plan to have a barbecue at a friend’s in Kitsilano. … Read More »

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