elLOVE SmartVibe

by Annie Oakley The last time I was browsing at Good for Her, the manager Alison greeted me with a box in her hand. “You’re going to like this one,” she said, smiling. “It’s German.” Everyone knows the Germans are wonderful engineers, so I peered at the elLOVE SmartVibe with interest. “Sehr gut,” reads the… Read More »

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by Annie Oakley So there’s a bunch of stuff that can be annoying during sex: that funny farting sound between your two bodies, a headboard that won’t stop creaking, your hair looking like Tina Turner’s circa 1985. Well, there’s nothing worse to me than lube that gets sticky after a while—you know, it kind of… Read More »

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Five Hot Stories for Her

by Annie Oakley  Up until now, I was convinced that I just didn’t like porn.  I remember thinking that The Red Shoe Diaries was the hottest thing ever when I saw it late at night as a kid, but when I graduated to late-night cable TV porn there was something ugly and exaggerated about it… Read More »

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Come As You Are says: Happy Melting

Flowers unfurling, snow melting, skirts shortening, sleeves disappearing: let’s face it, Spring is sexy. And Come As You Are has a whole new season of workshops heating up the city. Whether it’s Urban Tantra, Role Playing, or Hot Monogamy, Come As You Are makes it as sexy as possible to…come, as you are. Here’s the… Read More »

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To ensure your sex education for 2009 goes beyond renting Young People Fucking with your roommates, Queen West sex shop extraordinaire, Come As You Are, is leading a series of sex workshops. The experts at CAYA have been sharing their sexual expertise in our Sexcetera section for ages, and they’re encouraging all of us to… Read More »

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