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Sexting for Beginners

Sexting feels strange to me. Whenever I have an opportunity to text something dirty, I hesitate. I rephrase, I add commas, maybe an ellipsis, then instead of saying what I want to say, I backspace, restart, backspace, then get flustered, because he can probably see that I’m typing. “What are you typing right now?” he says,… Read More »

love letter to jess vibrator

A Love Letter To My Vibrators

My vagina has been vibrating for approximately 11 years and what an 11 years it has been. I’ve had battery highs. I’ve had battery lows. I’ve come within seconds. I’ve come within hours, multiple times, when I called in sick and needed something to do so I masturbated excessively like a bored, powerful woman should.… Read More »


Why I’m Going to Stop Overthinking My Relationships

“I wonder what he’s thinking right now?” Yes, the age old question. The question I can never wrap my brain around because I’m the girl who foolishly assumes he’s thinking whatever the hell I’m thinking—“Wow, thanks for the fuck, that was lovely. Let’s hang out more often!” If only it was this instinctive, but it… Read More »