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The First (Good) Time I Had Sex

The First (Good) Time I Had Sex

This was the first time that I was naked in the presence of another person and I wasn’t self-conscious. I wasn’t thinking about my cellulite or my acne or my weird moles. I was way too caught up in the ecstasy of his body on mine.

You Are Worthy Of A Person's Time

You Are Worthy Of A Person’s Time

“I’m too busy” is bullshit. It’s self-involved. It’s inconsiderate. It’s disrespectful. It’s dishonest. It’s just plain crummy and it makes you feel crummy.

How To Feel Sexy

7 Ways to Feel Sexy This Frigid Winter

It’s tough being single at this time of year. It takes a hefty pep talk just to brave the arctic air and leave the house. How to add spice to your life, whether you’ve got a plus one or not.