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Money Isn’t Romantic—Talk To Your Partner About It Anyway

So you’ve found The One. The person who makes you feel weightless and grounded at the same time. You laugh, you cry, you finish each other’s sentences… until that dreaded issue brings you crashing down from cloud nine: who’s paying for dinner. In this modern world of supposed equality, the answer is seemingly simple: you… Read More »


How to Do Non-Monogamy: An Intro

We’ve covered some of thebases previously in The Poly Diaries—coming out, finding people to date via the Interwebs, etc. etc. Something else worth considering are the various ways that people DO the whole poly thing. Everyone’s a unique flower, and their dating situ will reflect that. These are a few of the different tactics I’ve… Read More »


Knock-Knock, I Love You: On Lusting After Funny People

There I was, unironically salivating over Jack Black’s dance moves in Weird Al Yankovic’s “Tacky” video (yes, I know you’re sick of hearing about it. It’s okay. I’m done.). While some of my friends want bookish brunettes or tattooed motorcyclists, my sensual catnip is a terrific sense of humour. Get me to bite with a giggle, reel… Read More »

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Five Dating Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Each and every one of us has made horrible dating mistakes. Obviously, I am no exception because I am a human being and when I was 12 once tried to date a boy who burned down a townhouse, who was also 12. (Though in all fairness he wasn’t alone – and the two guys he… Read More »

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What Do You Do About The Dating Fade?

“We had plans for the weekend,” my friend said. “I texted him on Friday to confirm for Saturday and didn’t hear anything back. On Monday I checked his Facebook and saw that he had a great time on the weekend—without a word to me. I didn’t want to feel like a stalker but checking his social media accounts was the only… Read More »

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A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Stuff

When Drake was called out on Gawker this week for loving to have his b-hole rimmed, it took me a minute to genuinely process my shock at the fact that analingus is regarded as such a novelty to the majority of society. Nobody would think twice about an article about how a celebrity loves fellatio,… Read More »


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