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Introducing Hot Mom, A Hilarious New Canadian Webseries

Your attention please. An amazing new web series from Canadian ladies extraordinaire Katie Nolan (whose film Pawn Sacrifice is a gala at TIFF this year) and SDTC contributor Lindsay Tapscott is hitting the internet hard as a big ol’ boob bump today. In the first episode, we meet Sash and Hez, a mother and daughter… Read More »

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Today in Nostalgia: Beanie Babies

Every week, Today in Nostalgia looks at the trends we once clung to, defended, and were ultimately betrayed by. Memberships to the Beanie Babies Official Club accepted; BYOB too-large jawbreakers. Let’s do this. Trend: Beanie Babies Era of cool: 1996-1997 Describe, please: Well, it was only a matter of time. You remember. I remember. Hell, even John Lithgow… Read More »


Where Are You Watching the Oscars?

We are thick in the middle of Oscar season again and the excitement is building. 12 Years A Slave! Gravity! American Hustle! Her! The Wolf Of Wall Street! Who will win best picture? Who will have the best speech? And WHO will they be wearing?! On Sunday, March 2, millions will have their eyes glued… Read More »