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Introducing Hot Mom, A Hilarious New Canadian Webseries

Your attention please. An amazing new web series from Canadian ladies extraordinaire Katie Nolan (whose film Pawn Sacrifice is a gala at TIFF this year) and SDTC contributor Lindsay Tapscott is hitting the internet hard as a big ol’ boob bump today. In the first episode, we meet Sash and Hez, a mother and daughter… Read More »

Today in Nostalgia: Beanie Babies

Every week, Today in Nostalgia looks at the trends we once clung to, defended, and were ultimately betrayed by. Memberships to the Beanie Babies Official Club accepted; BYOB too-large jawbreakers. Let’s do this. Trend: Beanie Babies Era of cool: 1996-1997 Describe, please: Well, it was only a matter of time. You remember. I remember. Hell, even John Lithgow… Read More »