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How To Travel With a Guy For the First Time

When I told my friends that Guy (meaning “the guy,” not some creepy French dude named “Guy”) and I were planning a 12-day vacation together, some raised their eyebrows. Others commented, “It’s about time!” I mean, I get it. I’m 31, and I had never traveled with a guy (not even a guy named Guy)… Read More »


She Does Palm Springs: Serenity Now

Up until a week ago, my knowledge of Palm Springs was based entirely off that episode of The O.C. where Oliver Trask invites the Newport gang to his parents’ place for the weekend. But when my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to visit Joshua Tree National Park, jetting off to Palm Springs for a week became… Read More »

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6 Reasons to Spend a Weekend in Montreal ASAP

Want a summer getaway but can’t quiiiiite afford a ticket to Hawaii? Love to travel but don’t love jet lag? Bought a stripey top and just dyiiiiiing to practice your French? GET THEE TO MONTREAL. I recently spent a few days in our country’s most Euro city as a guest of the St Ambroise Montreal… Read More »

brianne in paris 1999 #2

Rendez-Vous a Paris: My Voyage, Then and Now

The first time I travelled to Paris, I was sixteen. I had baby fat, a terrible I’m-growing-out-my-Winona-Ryder-pixie-cut, and I was a virgin. I went to Paris to complete my OAC (a.k.a. grade 13, a.k.a. a-fifth-year-in-high-school-that-really-wasn’t-too-bad-and-maybe-they-should-bring-it-back-because-seventeen-years-old-is-way-young-for-university) French studies. I convinced one of my BFFs at the time to join me for the four-week intensive program, and,… Read More »

Charleston - traditional home

She Does Charleston, South Carolina

It seems that the best experiences in life are those for which you have very low expectations. It’s those nights when you plan to go out “for just one drink” that you end up dancing till 4 am, when you drop in to the hole-in-the-wall restaurant for a quick bite that you end up having… Read More »


Summer Fun! A Farmer’s Market Cooking Class by Le Dolci

Being invited to the media preview for Le Dolci’s  Market Class was just one of those glorious emails that cannot be ignored.  Le Dolci’s owner Lisa Sanguedolce has done a fantastic job of creating the quintessential French bakery on Dundas West, but she has also expanded well beyond the standard offerings. Beyond croissants and macarons,… Read More »