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A Practical Guide to Packing

A Practical Guide to Packing

Your stuff. In a bag. Cause you need it. I go away for work all the time. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a month or more. Over the years, I have honed my skills at shoving my stuff in a bag and mostly, making out ok. I do this may times a year.… Read More »

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Mourning Toronto And Moving On: How I Left

Calgary. I’m walking on the path by the Bow River. This part was closed for days after the June flood. I miss coming here. We recently bought a townhouse in West Hillhurst that now feels uncomfortably close to the water. Still, walking on the Bow River Path has become an important part of my daily… Read More »

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How To Travel With a Guy For the First Time

When I told my friends that Guy (meaning “the guy,” not some creepy French dude named “Guy”) and I were planning a 12-day vacation together, some raised their eyebrows. Others commented, “It’s about time!” I mean, I get it. I’m 31, and I had never traveled with a guy (not even a guy named Guy)… Read More »


She Does Palm Springs: Serenity Now

Up until a week ago, my knowledge of Palm Springs was based entirely off that episode of The O.C. where Oliver Trask invites the Newport gang to his parents’ place for the weekend. But when my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to visit Joshua Tree National Park, jetting off to Palm Springs for a week became… Read More »