Prince Harry

1. The Hungover Cookbook The perfect fix for the royal boy’s hangover mornings in LA with gorgeous blonde girls, so they don’t have to call in sick for work. $10.00 @ Urban Outfitters 2. Get Your S**t Together Flask: Sincerely, the Queen.  We don’t mind if you party with us Prince Harry, we filled it… Read More »

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Elle Fanning

With only a couple years of no longer believing in Santa under her belt, this fresh-faced, teenage ingénue has all the cool of a savvy older sister, with the bright-eyed innocence of your kid sister. Rolling with some major Hollywood players has given young Elle a sophisticated joie-de-vivre, so her stocking would certainly have to… Read More »

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Emma Stone

1. Philosophy sparkling cranberry shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath set Nothing like keeping it in the family. This red head would turn to a vibrant red and delectably smelling cranberry shampoo for the holidays. It’s extra festive and will keep her hair sparkling all holiday season long. And no complaints from her skin that… Read More »

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Kim Kardashian

Well it’s highly unlikely that there are even seven things in this world that Kim K does not have…except a real life relationship! HEYYYYOOO! But we wracked our brains nonetheless to think up a kuintessential Kardashian kollection of goodies to tuck away in her stocking this holiday season. 1. Tiffany & Co. Victoria Band It’s… Read More »

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Miss Piggy

1. Noble Glass Travel Thermos With a new movie to promote, Miss Piggy def needs to unwind with a cuppa on the road. With the ritziest travel thermos we could find her, obviously. $29.50 @ David’s Tea online store 2. Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Don’t tell me La Pig wouldn’t squeal if gifted with newest… Read More »

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