#DressNormal: Gap’s black denim collection is our everyday. Enter to win a pair of black jeans!

Gap real talk: Their clothes are totally normal. Gap has decided to tell it like it is. Their #DressNormal campaign,timed with the release of their fall black denim collection, is about celebrating the art of dressing normal. Simple clothes that are easy. Comfy fashion that isn’t fussy. Classic pieces that defy trends. These are clothes… Read More »

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500 Women hit Bloor Street for the fabulous fall Shopcrawl

Last week, 500 women corralled on Bloor Street for Chick Advisor and Fashion Magazine’s annual Shopcrawl fashion extravaganza. First stop was outside the Bata Shoe Museum, where a bright red 2014 Ford Fiesta was lit up like a star. Free make-up touch-ups were offered by Fiesta cosmeticians for a glamourous red carpet “step and repeat.” We were then given… Read More »

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7 light and stylish jackets perfect for summer

Forgive us, but we are about to discuss coats in the springtime. We realize that summer is all about wearing as little clothing as humanly possible to avoid the heat, but due to recent weather patterns, we’ve found ourselves reaching for a light and stylish jacket—and so far, we’re coming up short. For that reason,… Read More »

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