Blurred Lines and Bad Girls: Why Robin Thicke’s song misrepresents female sexuality

It seems you can’t go anywhere this summer without hearing “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke’s horrifyingly catchy, extremely questionable new single. The song has courted controversy on several fronts, from its original unrated music video, which features a bunch of confused looking naked models, to its misogynistic lyrics. Several bloggers and journalists have derided Thicke for singing a song… Read More »

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Why I’m Still Rooting for Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes came into fame for being like the pure, sweet teenagers she often played in her movies and TV shows. But in recent weeks (okay, months), social media sites have been abuzz about Bynes’ apparent trip down the rabbit hole. Many blogs and gossip sites are all over her departure from reality, and lots… Read More »

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