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Recipe: Sweet Potato Bruschetta

For me, bruschetta used to be a food of the past! Bruschetta made with gluten free bread just didn’t cut it. That is, until my friend Sarah made SWEET POTATO bruschetta for us at a Nutritionist Potluck! MIND.BLOWN. Needless to say, it was delicious and I decided to do a festive take on it, especially since I found… Read More »


Toronto Resources for Survivors of Abuse

Trigger warning.  It’s my job to write about things. Today, I don’t feel like writing about anything. Like most of us, I went to sleep and woke up sick to my stomach after reading the Toronto Star piece containing the allegations of Jian Ghomeshi’s violence.  The revelations are incredibly important, but for many, they are… Read More »

Organic Vegan Quinoa Salad with hazelnuts, arugula salad and red pepper

Four Salad Ingredients to Toss (Out)

Salads can be one of the best meals on the planet if you’re putting the right ingredients in them.  But often we get so focused on adding so many different things to the salads that we might end up with a few not-so-good salad ingredients.  Here are the four salad ingredients that are making your… Read More »


Ten Healthy Restaurants in Toronto

I’ve recently been asked to recommend some healthy restaurants in Toronto, and I thought it was worth its own blog post! Eating out is such a huge part of our culture, but occasionally you don’t want to sacrifice health just because you’re eating out. SO, these are my favourite healthy restaurants that are delicious too! I’ve… Read More »


Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Snack Bars

I thought it might be fun to continue the pumpkin spice trend with a snack! These bars are entirely gluten free and dairy free.  Because I used gluten free flours (coconut and almond) there is also more protein than there would be in something baked with regular flour, so these will keep you full for longer!… Read More »


This Emotional Rescue Form Is A Game-Changer

Feeling stressed or anxious? Dealing with a creeping case of the SADs? On the verge of a freak out but not sure if you’re mostly just hungry? Enter Emotional Rescue. The brainchild of local writer Audra Williams, the form gets you to break down your feelings step by step: What am I upset about right… Read More »