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Ten Healthy Restaurants in Toronto

I’ve recently been asked to recommend some healthy restaurants in Toronto, and I thought it was worth its own blog post! Eating out is such a huge part of our culture, but occasionally you don’t want to sacrifice health just because you’re eating out. SO, these are my favourite healthy restaurants that are delicious too! I’ve… Read More »


Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Snack Bars

I thought it might be fun to continue the pumpkin spice trend with a snack! These bars are entirely gluten free and dairy free.  Because I used gluten free flours (coconut and almond) there is also more protein than there would be in something baked with regular flour, so these will keep you full for longer!… Read More »


This Emotional Rescue Form Is A Game-Changer

Feeling stressed or anxious? Dealing with a creeping case of the SADs? On the verge of a freak out but not sure if you’re mostly just hungry? Enter Emotional Rescue. The brainchild of local writer Audra Williams, the form gets you to break down your feelings step by step: What am I upset about right… Read More »


6 easy ways to live a healthy routine this fall

Ever since childhood, when we organized our pencil case and selected our outfit for the first day of school, September has been a month that promises a new chapter, a fresh beginning on life. We asked Holistic Nutritionist Mandy King to give us six easy steps to live healthier this fall. Grab a journal, your… Read More »


The Yogurt Women, A Weird Short Story

Pinterest led us here. The lifestyle experts and gracefully aging actresses did not tell us what would happen. “They wouldn’t lie to us,” we said. “I do feel like my bowel movements are both more regular and more rewarding,” we said. “Now you are slaves to our overlord,” they said. What we had thought was… Read More »