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Oil Pulling: Everything You Need to Know

Overnight, oil pulling has quickly become the newest (old) health craze out there!  I have had three different friends ask me about oil pulling in the last two weeks, so I figured it was time for a blog post about it! What Is Oil Pulling? I say oil pulling is the “newest (old)” health craze… Read More »


Recipe: Roasted Vegetables

One of my favourite recipes for a big get together is roasted vegetables,  partly because they’re so darn easy, but also because they’re so darn delicious!  With Easter around the corner, here’s my simple roasted vegetable recipe that is a great side dish for Easter dinner this weekend. For some more tips on keeping your… Read More »


How to Take Care of Your Underarm Biz With Lady Speed Stick

I remember the good ol’ days when life was sweet and everything smelled like roses. Then, adversity struck: yoga, brutal training sessions at the gym and sucky winters left this girl’s underarm real estate…in the pits. (#do #you #GETIT) On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself having to do a surreptitious Sniff Test at… Read More »


In Mandy’s Pantry: Cacao Nibs

If you’ve tried my Chocolate Banana Green Smoothie, you likely saw an ingredient in it that might not be familiar to you.  Raw cacao nibs!  I absolutely LOVE to use these in various recipes, as you get all the benefits of dark chocolate in its purest form.  I am pretty sure that after this post you’ll… Read More »


Why Flaxseed is a Girl’s Best Friend

Ladies, how many of you have suffered or currently suffer from PMS? Maybe it’s crippling cramps, emotional roller coasters, breast swelling, bloating or irregular bowel movements, or alternatively, maybe its an irregular period all together. Either way, there is a food that can significantly help with these symptoms: flaxseed. Why Flaxseed Often, PMS symptoms can… Read More »

Delish Beet Salad Recipe from Healthy Eating and Living

Detox Naturally with These Three Foods

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention quotes that the average person contains 212 chemicals in their blood or urine. The liver is the primary organ in your body to deal with these toxins, but it’s responsible for over 500 other functions as well. Long story short, the liver could use a little extra help!… Read More »


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