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The Yogurt Women, A Weird Short Story

Pinterest led us here. The lifestyle experts and gracefully aging actresses did not tell us what would happen. “They wouldn’t lie to us,” we said. “I do feel like my bowel movements are both more regular and more rewarding,” we said. “Now you are slaves to our overlord,” they said. What we had thought was… Read More »


Five Fast and Healthy Dinners

The number one thing I hear from my clients is that they’re BUSY! I get it, ’cause I am too! That’s why I meal plan almost every single week. Focus on simple, hassle-free recipes to keep you healthy through the week. Here’s a recipe round-up of five super healthy, quick dinners for you to make! 1)… Read More »

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PHOTOS: Holistic in the City Picnic Potluck

Mandy King, our brilliant health and wellness blogger, recently hosted a Holistic in the City Picnic in Trinity Bellwoods Park before summer is gone forever (well, until 2015). It was a lovely way to soak in some last rays, mingle with a great group of nutritionists (and their doting men), and munch on noodles made… Read More »

Why Buy Hemp Hearts?

Why You Should Be Stocking Your Pantry with Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are actually shelled hemp seeds and, like you might have thought, come from the Cannabis genus of plants.   It’s quite funny to watch someone’s reaction when they first hear about a food with hemp in the name!  But, unlike marijuana, eating hemp hearts will not have any sort of effect on you—except for… Read More »