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Essentrics TV Is a Shy Fitness Enthusiast’s Dream

I am constantly seeking new and easy ways to be active. This is especially challenging for me, because although my body does love to move, I am sometimes shy about exercising in front of other people. When I had the opportunity to review the Essentrics program, I was all at once excited to make myself… Read More »


Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter

A couple of months ago, a friend asked me to do a post on nut butters.  “I eat almond butter instead of peanut butter now,” she said. “But I’m not sure why.” I don’t think she’s the only one with that thought!  More and more people are choosing almond butter, so I thought I would explain some unknown… Read More »


Why Should You Buy Grass Fed Beef Instead of Grain Fed Beef?

It’s BBQ season, so you’ve probably heard a lot of chatter lately about grass fed beef vs. grain fed beef, and you’re probably downright confused.  I agree.  It’s confusing! Everyone claims something, and grass and grain sound pretty similar, so what’s the difference? Today I’m going to help you understand why grass fed beef is what… Read More »


Getting Fit And Fitted With Nike

Thanks to Oprah, most of us know that 80% of women are walking around wearing the wrong sized bra? But have you ever thought about the fact that that applies to sports bras, too? An ill-fitting sports bra could restrict your full potential during a workout? Recently, I was given the opportunity to test-drive Nike’s… Read More »


Chocolate Ain’t So Bad

A while back, I went on a chocolate farm tour in Hawaii.  I was STOKED, as I am certainly a chocolate lover! The tour, at Steelgrass Farms in Kauai, was amazing! Not only did we taste 11, yes 11, different types of dark chocolate, but we also tasted a ton of tropical fruits native to… Read More »


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