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The Benefits Of Breaking Up

We’ve come to associate break ups with negative emotions, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Especially when we take control of our lives and do the breaking up ourselves, like a #girlboss. A break-up doesn’t have to signify a major life change either. Sometimes, it’s the smaller, trivial things that can make… Read More »


Yoga & Real Talk At #BreakUpAndMove

Sound the trumpets! We are super excited to officially announce our partnership with #BreakUpAndMove. There are lots of fun and exciting campaign opportunities that land in our mailbox on the regular (we’re lucky that way), but we get especially fired up when it’s one that empowers young women, and encourages open honest dialogue about women’s health.… Read More »


A&W Steps Up Their Chicken Game

Full disclosure: as a teen, I worked at the A&W in Yorkdale Mall, and I loved it. From elderly European customers attempting to order booze (root beer was a source of major confusion), to indulging in left over burger patties and fries at the end of my shifts, it was a fine way to spend my… Read More »


Have you tried the Heart Age Calculator by Shoppers Drug Mart?

February is Heart month; do you know what your heart health is? Shoppers Drug Mart (our go-to for nearly everything in life,) has an online Heart Age Calculator on their website to help Canadians calculate our cardiovascular age and assess our risks. Take the test now! You might be pleasantly surprised; my heart is younger… Read More »


Money Smarts: How financially literate are you?

Did you know that November was Financial Literacy Month? Yah, I was a bit surprised myself. Not only surprised that it was a thing, but surprised that more people didn’t know about it.  After all, being financially literate is so incredibly important, especially these days. Financial Literacy Month was started by a group of organizations… Read More »