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How To Get Pastel Hair Without Breakage

If you had told me a month ago that this guy could have lilac gray mermaid locks (without destroying the near-black, brittle hair I inherited from my pops) I would have called you a filthy liar and forgotten your phone number. I’ve always envied girls with platinum tresses who could live out their magic pony… Read More »


Burst into Spring with Shoppers Drug Mart

Full disclosure: I love Shoppers Drug Mart. Whether I’m running an errand or strolling in late at night to stock up on snacks (like PC World of Flavours Poutine chips, yummmm), I find it impossible to leave with just one item. There’s always so much to look at! From nail polish and lipstick to travel-sized everything… Read More »


4 Summer Trends I’m Dying to Try

Clean out your closet and make room for new summer fashions! Here are some looks from Vogue’s “Top 20 Trends for Spring/Summer 2015” that I am dying to try, and a few I may have to pass on.