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“A Woman’s Hair Reflects Her Life”

I cut my hair last week. It’s what I usually do when I want a change. Of course, the things I want to change are not in my hair (only secrets), but there’s something very visceral about shearing one’s ‘do. It’s a signal to the Universe that says, “I’m done with the status quo! Come… Read More »


Jack Lux Vintage Pop-Up Has All The Goodies

There’s a new vintage store in town, with racks upon racks of clothing waiting for you to dig through ‘em. Montreal’s Jack Lux has opened a Toronto pop-up vintage store in the former Lomography location at 536 Queen Street West (at Bathurst) until October 23rd. Over 200,000 items from the Quebec Government’s costume archives (cuz… Read More »

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11 Fashionable Places to Buy Plus Sized Clothes In Toronto

Tired of walking into stores only to find out the largest size they carry in the super cute outfit you’re eyeing is a 10? Annoyed that some stores carry plus size “lines” that are only available online, as though having you buying their stuff in-store would simply be TOO MUCH for them to handle? Ugh.… Read More »

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Help, I’m Obsessed With Lady Head Vases

I have a problem. The problem is shaped like a lady’s head, and it is a vase. My problem is lady head vases. Right now, the only thing I am more obsessed with than lady head vases is this photoset I found on Tumblr of Kirsten Dunst HARD eating a salad while Jake Gylenhaal looks… Read More »

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Beauty How-To: Bold Lips

I believe it was Gandhi who said, “Girl, don’t even think about leaving your house without AT LEAST putting something on your lips.” And who am I to disagree with such a revered figure? When it comes to lipstick, I’m a big fan of bold and bright. It makes you look way more made up… Read More »


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