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button necklace diy2

How To Make a Vintage Button Cluster Necklace

20 minutes / Easy / $15 Autumn is HAPPENING. This is bigger than pumpkin spice, y’all. This is about chunky knits and ankle boots and jeans and stretching out those perfect sandals you bought on sale by rocking them with socks until your poor toes just can’t take it anymore. Summer is all about light,… Read More »


Korean Skincare 101

During my 14-hour flight from Toronto to Seoul last month something amazing happened: my skin started to glow. Stress-related blemishes and oil vanished and I landed in my new home looking flawless, despite the red wine stains on my dress. The reason? Each hour a flight attendant brought me a hot towel to cleanse my… Read More »

birks banner sdtc

PHOTOS: Birks Diamond Tribute to Women in Film

This week, Maison Birks at Bay & Bloor honoured Women in Film with the 2nd annual Birks Diamond Tribute. This year’s honourees were Jennifer Baichwal, Marie-Hélène Cousineau, Madeline Piujuq Ivalu, Molly Parker, Nancy Florence Savard, Ric Esther Bienstock, Sophie Nélisse, Tatiana Maslany, Shannon Kook and Sophie Desmarais.  Past the red carpet and inside the glitzy… Read More »

bath salts

How To Make Your Own Luxe Bath Salts

20 minute / SUPER easy / $3.00 per jar assuming you use small jars Treat all the special ladies in your life to some of the finer things without breaking the bank! These aromatic bath salts make great gifts even though you probably won’t want to give them all away. Supplies: Mason jars/glass jars of… Read More »