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Quinn West shows us how to style low-maintenance waves

No one knows how I let it get this far, least of all me. Actually, I think I do know: bang trimming. I was trimming my bangs and not getting haircuts because I felt like I was already doing “hair maintenance” because I do not really know what “hair maintenance” is. Anyway, it caught up… Read More »


H&M Conscious Collection: Desert Road Trip

Whether you’re heading out on a life-changing road trip to red rock country in Arizona or simply wanting to look chic because, well, you’re a stylish woman, H&M’s Conscious Collection is full of classic wardrobe pieces that build a polished look while also helping to build a sustainable future in fashion. We’ve shown you the… Read More »

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Hair How-To: Braid Nests with Tess!

It would seem that spring has finally sprung! No longer the delightful presentiment Jonelle wrote about so beautifully here, but the actual-factual, joyous, renewing warm-weather-trying-out-shorts-again-let’s-do-this thing! And as visions pastoral dance in my head, I can hardly help echoing them outside of it, which has resulted in me turning my hair into a kind of… Read More »

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PHOTO GALLERY: Celebrating 10 Years of AGO Massive

Recipe for a night of STRONG LOOKS: Step 1: Get a bunch of beautiful artsy people together for an evening of art, music, and mingling at the AGO. Step 2: Make the dress code “perfect 10.” Step 3: Mix in some good weather for the first time in months. Step 4: Serve. To see more… Read More »


H&M Conscious Collection: Release the Wildlife!

When we look at this light and breezy zebra print tunic, we see endless possibilities! Bright lipsticks, a stack of bangles, caged sandals, ballet flats in vibrant hues, nail art, oversized red-framed sunnies: this is a piece to play with. SO PLAY! We’d wear this to an evening cocktail party but also toss in a… Read More »


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