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The Eleven Emotional Stages of a Brazilian Bikini Wax

I’ve regularly been on the painful (yet liberating) receiving end of a Brazilian bikini wax since I was 18. I wasn’t even having sex back then—I just liked the way it looked.  I leave a little bit at the top, but not too much, because I fucking hate hair. Especially, you know, THAT hair. It’s… Read More »


“A Woman’s Hair Reflects Her Life”

I cut my hair last week. It’s what I usually do when I want a change. Of course, the things I want to change are not in my hair (only secrets), but there’s something very visceral about shearing one’s ‘do. It’s a signal to the Universe that says, “I’m done with the status quo! Come… Read More »

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Beauty How-To: Bold Lips

I believe it was Gandhi who said, “Girl, don’t even think about leaving your house without AT LEAST putting something on your lips.” And who am I to disagree with such a revered figure? When it comes to lipstick, I’m a big fan of bold and bright. It makes you look way more made up… Read More »

How to Look Good With A Hangover

How to Look Good With A Hangover

Listen. I’m a busy lady. I’ve got places to go, friends to see, white wine to slug back like it was some life sustaining ambrosia (which it is). Occasionally, I’ll go a little too hard on them spritzers, even though I’ve got a busy and early day ahead of me, and I’m sure I’m not… Read More »