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Burgundy Smokey Eye 6

How To: Burgundy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

For November, we have a modern take on classic favourite. The Burgundy Smokey Eye looks great on just about anyone. Perfect for a night out, it makes blue eyes electric, green eyes pop and brown eyes smolder! Want to learn how to complete this look with flawless skin and contouring? Check out our YouTube channel – The… Read More »


How To: Day of the Dead-Inspired Calavera Makeup Tutorial

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to do a relatively simple, yet impressive makeup that is great for parties! Erin Winn of The Look Beauty will walk you, step by step, through Day of the Dead Inspired Calavera makeup. Step 1: Start with a clean dry face. Try to avoid using moisturizer as… Read More »


The Eleven Emotional Stages of a Brazilian Bikini Wax

I’ve regularly been on the painful (yet liberating) receiving end of a Brazilian bikini wax since I was 18. I wasn’t even having sex back then—I just liked the way it looked.  I leave a little bit at the top, but not too much, because I fucking hate hair. Especially, you know, THAT hair. It’s… Read More »