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Red Bull Thre3style Wants To Find The Best DJ In Canada

Red Bull Thre3style will find Canada’s best DJ Red Bull Thre3style is the only DJ competition of its kind, pooling talent from across the globe to battle it out for worldwide sonic supremacy. It started as an underground experiment in 2007, and was met with enormous interest. The fest has since grown like a bad weed,… Read More »


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine NEEDS YOU!

We all have our own nuanced and complicated feelings towards Kanye West, and nobody can take that away from us. That’s why three enterprising Kanye fans have taken it upon themselves to craft a zine that finally gives the cultural dialogue the collective voice it deserves: 128 pages parsing the influence of Yeezy. The zine,… Read More »

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Playlist: My Soundtrack of Summers Past

It’s that time of year again: Song of the Summer time. Summer songs are big deals. And I’m not talking about the one (the ubiquitously driving-us-nuts-since-April pop ditty) that Billboard Magazine inevitably crowns “Song of the Summer” – I’m talking about our own personal song of the summer. The song which immediately transports you back… Read More »


Our NXNE Highlights and Lowlights

This year NXNE was bigger and better than ever, with tons of free concerts, shows on streetcars and the invasion of an island! There was a lot to see and do and eat and eat and eaaaat and drink. Here are some music highlights and some general lowlights, because I can’t ever be happy. NXNE… Read More »


NXNE: A User’s Guide

Each year when NXNE takes over the city it can get overwhelming. Who to see? Where to see them? Where are the after parties, like the secret really good ones that are not on the event calendar and how many people can you bring and still sneak in unnoticed? You bought a wristband and want… Read More »


Coeur de Pirate and Bry Webb Live at Massey Hall

For a minute or two at Coeur de Pirate’s Saturday night show at Massey Hall, I was convinced I was no longer in Canada but had been transported back to a small Parisian club in the 1940s. All I was missing was a long filtered cigarette and a glass of chardonnay. Coeur de Pirate, the Montreal-born singer-songwriter… Read More »


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