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My Feminist Anaconda DOES Want Some: How Nicki Did It Again

Nicki Minaj has done it again. With the release of her masterpiece ‘Anaconda’, Minaj has once again disrupted both the world of hip-hop and the world of feminism. Released on Tuesday, the video had already been viewed more than 15million times just 24 hours later (it’s since almost doubled that). While her success is evident,… Read More »

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Feast In The East 40 Is Serving Up Tunes and Tacos TOMORROW

Feast In The East is always a great bet, and this month—the franchise’s 40th installment—is no exception. Featuring a taco dinner by Melanie Hill and performances by Fiver, Wyrd Visions, Tasseomancy, and Black Walls, set against an environment designed by artists Vanessa Reiger and Brandon Dalmer, The Jam Factory (2 Matilda St) is the place to… Read More »

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Red Bull Thre3style Wants To Find The Best DJ In Canada

Red Bull Thre3style will find Canada’s best DJ Red Bull Thre3style is the only DJ competition of its kind, pooling talent from across the globe to battle it out for worldwide sonic supremacy. It started as an underground experiment in 2007, and was met with enormous interest. The fest has since grown like a bad weed,… Read More »


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine NEEDS YOU!

We all have our own nuanced and complicated feelings towards Kanye West, and nobody can take that away from us. That’s why three enterprising Kanye fans have taken it upon themselves to craft a zine that finally gives the cultural dialogue the collective voice it deserves: 128 pages parsing the influence of Yeezy. The zine,… Read More »