Zombies are invading Union Station starting today

For those of you who have always dreamed of owning a 2-foot-long decaying finger, YOUR DAY HAS COME! AND IT IS TODAY! (…Through to Sunday.) Okay, let me back up. You know AMC’s creepy zombie show The Walking Dead? Well it’s returning to air this Sunday, Feb 10, and the “Walkers” are rejoicing. Starting today, and… Read More »

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Why I’m Thankful for Lena Dunham’s Naked Ass

HBO’s hit show Girls is back for a second season, and along with it are numerous complaints about Lena Dunham’s naked body. Never mind that there are plenty of legitimate criticisms to make of this show; it seems that everyone’s main complaint is that Dunham, an average-sized woman, has the audacity to show her body… Read More »

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An interview with SEED actor Carrie-Lynn Neales

Family sitcoms have come a long way since Leave It To Beaver (thank god). Heck, in the past five years we’ve seen major shifts with shows like Modern Family and Californication. Tonight, CityTV will break down another barrier with the premiere of SEED, a show about artificial insemination. Although SEED is a comedy, the subject of the show is sure to raise more… Read More »

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HBO ‘GIRLS’ Costume Designer Talks Fashion

How cool would it be to have this job? From thrift stores to Bloomingdale’s, Costume Designer Jennifer Rogien sources both low and high to find the perfect outfits for the cast of Girls.  Vintage dresses worn by Hannah or hats that complete Shoshanna have been chosen very carefully. Sure, their wardrobe may not dazzle like the… Read More »

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Serving The Royals: Inside the Firm takes you behind the stone walls of Buckingham Palace by the servants who’ve worked there

Are you a Royal Family fanatic? Do you lavish time spent with the a HELLO! magazine and a strong cup of Earl Grey? If yes, then you most certainly should tune in to the documentary Serving The Royals: Inside the Firm, airing several times this week on CBC Television. In it, filmmaker John Curtin interviews the servants who work… Read More »

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