So You Think You Can Dance Tour

by Caitlyn Holroyd Lining up outside the Air Canada Centre this past Tuesday with the hordes of 14 year-old girls and 50 year-old women, all equally as eager to see the American version of the So You Think You Can Dance tour, had me a bit uneasy. It was clear that I wasn’t nearly as… Read More »

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Seducing Silverman

When a male compatriot and I made our way to Massey Hall last Friday, for the Just For Laughs Gala hosted by Sarah Silverman, we had one goal in mind. Not comedy, seduction. Talking our way into the pants and hearts of Silverman and her balding associate, David Cross. We pocketed a small bottle of… Read More »

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Dear Debra DiGiovanni:

We sit down with the Queen of Canadian Comedy and leave with 10 reasons she should be our new best friend By Jen McNeely We played coy, but stand up comedian Debra GioVanni is one of our idols and when asked if she would want to take a road trip to Kentucky with John Candy,… Read More »

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