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Chatting with Adam Nayman about bad films, good films, and why Showgirls doesn’t suck

The sex scene from Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls will haunt my dreams forever. Kyle Machlachlan’s little white butt (Special Agent Cooper!), poor sweet Nomi getting covered in champagne. Those dolphins. All the accoutrements of poor taste are there: it’s tacky, loud, too much, terrible…or is it? Toronto based writer, film critic, and teacher Adam Nayman says not so… Read More »


Entrepreneurial Moms: Nikki Leigh McKean, Owner of FIKA Cafe

Nikki Leigh McKean is the owner of FIKA Cafe in Kensington Market, but she’s also a photographer and co-runs Splendido Restaurant on Harbord with her husband,  Chef Victor Barry. (Talk about a balancing act!) The power-pair added parents to their portfolio when their daughter Charlotte Lee Barry was born on January 9th, 2014!  Share three tips… Read More »

Filthy PhD Land

PhD Land: Comprehensive Exams vs. My Brain

I have read 120 history books and articles since September. My peers and I purposely try not to keep track of the number of books, though, because having finally stopped to count, I am now gently vomiting onto my laptop and laptop accessories (my lap and my top—keep up). 120 is a terrifying number for… Read More »


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