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Tabatha Southey

Tabatha Southey on Women, Working, and Writing

We’re pretty huge Tabatha Southey fans at SDTC HQ. Between her weekly funnies in the Globe and Mail, her kid’s book, her gone-but-not-forgotten column at Elle Canada, and her fantastic Twitter, we continue to read, share, and love her work. We caught up with the columnist via email for life/work advice, a glimpse into a… Read More »

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5 Common Job Hunting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

One of my best friends’ works as a recruiter which means his job is to get you one. He often shares his experiences about common mistakes people make when looking for work, and, well—it’s gold, Jerry. I can’t just keep it to myself, so without further ado, here is an amalgamation of what I’ve learned… Read More »

Photography Chris Large

Q&A With Canadian Actress Tatiana Maslany

We recently caught up with Canada’s sweetest and most versatile export, Tatiana Maslany, to chat about Toronto spots she loves, road trip tunes and her newest flick with Richard Dreyfuss, Cas and Dylan, available on home video TODAY! SDTC: What was your first job that felt like a real ‘break’? How did you get it?… Read More »

maggie grace

Q&A With About Alex Actress Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace, our newest girl crush (she collects tea pots and makes stoneware ceramics) has been on the scene since 2001, acting in some of Hollywood’s biggest films and franchises (Taken, The Twilight Sagas, The Fog) and on some of our favourite television shows (Lost, Californication). We recently got a chance to chat with Maggie about her quirky… Read More »

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Culinary Nutritionist Rachel Bies on Eating Well For a Living

Rachel Bies is a local Culinary Nutritionist/CNP. She’s the founder of RachelBies Nutrition, a company that specializes in meal plans, food deliveries, recipe development and living with diagnosis. She’s a social media expert and a consultant to restaurants and chefs.  Her goal is to get people back into their kitchens and help them fall in… Read More »


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