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chloe van keeken

Her Career: TV Writer and Producer Chloe Van Keeken

The comment section on Chloe Van Keeken’s Instagram is rife with frantic teens: “CHLOE PLEASE NOTICE ME;” “Hi chole van Keeken I think u need to know that ur many peoples inspiration and ur a wonderful writer u have the best show on family and ur pretty smart and hailrous;” ”can u please follow me thank… Read More »

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How Convocation Speeches Help Me Take My Job Seriously

This week, Shonda Rhimes spoke to the graduating class of Dartmouth and delivered one hell of a speech. Don’t dream, she said—DO. Quit hiding behind hashtags (which create awareness, yes, but that’s about it) and get down to actual, old-fashioned save-the-world business. We’re privileged—acknowledge it. Instead of naval-gazing, look at everyone around you, recognize the… Read More »

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How I Learned to Say “No” Like a Professional

I can’t say no to work. If I’m asked to write, show up to, or cover something, I’m there. I might be tired, I might have the flu, I might be repressing emotions associated with personal disaster, but I will work—always. I mean, RuPaul said I better, and Missy Elliott said it was worth it.… Read More »


The Weird and Wonderful World of the Professional Concierge

“I flew in some apple juice from California for one of our VIPs. If that apple juice makes them feel at home, I’ve done my job,” beamed Ronaldo Breton, chef concierge at the Hazelton and regional director of the concierge professional association, Les Clefs D’Or. His answer to every request? “Absolutely.”  Similarly, no request seems… Read More »

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How to Be Amazing At Literally Any Job

Jobs, amirite? Simultaneously a source of freedom and a mandatory burden. As a person in the arts, I can attest that much of the way I make money is NOT from the things I create. My jobs are not always my passions. It can be discouraging at times to realize that your bills take precedence… Read More »


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