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Attention, Stylish Night Owls: Check out Vintage Crawl Toronto

Wednesday’s hideous weather display was actually sort of prescient: tonight is Toronto Fashion Christmas! By which we mean, it’s Vintage Crawl Toronto. Now in its third year, Vintage Crawl Toronto offers all your favourite things: snacks, sales, and so many funny old hats to try on and imagine the kind of life where you’re interesting enough… Read More »


[FAT] Arts and Fashion Week is Back

The Toronto celebration of alternative fashion returns April 22-26 at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E.). Theatre, art, photography and, of course, style come together. If you’ve been to [FAT] before, you know that it’s always unexpected, eye-catching and inspiring. This year, there will be photography like Ellen Snowball’s Lick Me, in which the tongue… Read More »


Look Cute for April Showers

This year, I’m trying something different. Instead of being constantly surprised by fluctuating Toronto weather, I’m preparing for the rainy month ahead like an adult lady. Having found myself running down Queen West in a make-shift poncho made from several stapled CB2 bags (shout-out to CB2 for helping out a soaking gal in the midst… Read More »


How To Buy High Heels When You Hate High Heels

If the thought of balancing on miniature stilts all night doesn’t appeal to you, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve always been on the tall side, so to avoid towering above all other women (and select dudes) in my vicinity, I usually opt for flats. Sometimes, though, combat boots and loafers don’t cut it.… Read More »


What We’re Wearing to ROM PROM’s Forbidden City!

ROM PROM, hosted by ROM’s Young Patrons Circle, is less than two weeks away! If you’re still scrambling for the perfect outfit, not to worry! We’ve put together some incredible pieces to suit the magical occasion, ALL of which are in stores right now! For more fashion ideas and inspiration, check out our pics from… Read More »


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